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The Studios

Take a look through our studios to see which one is best for your needs. 


Stiwdio 1

Stiwdio 1 is the jewel in our crown,, boasting a large control room and live room. It is perfect for recording, filming videos and amazing for live recordings of bands, artists, classical ensembles , choirs, dramas, radio shows alike. Capture the perfect sound with Stiwdio 1!


Stiwdio 2

Stiwdio 2 is an ideal space for recording, podcasts, overdubbing and rehearsals. It is also linked to a recording booth and the Stiwdio 3 control room for larger projects.


Stiwdio 3

Stiwdio 3 is perfect for all your audio needs, from mixing and post production and also has a vocal booth for recording audio books, voiceovers overdubs and more.  It can be used in conjunction with Stiwdio 2 as a live room to form a complete studio, smaller and more affordable than Stiwdio 1.

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